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Service Strategies Corporation
11590 W. Bernardo Ct. Suite 220
San Diego, CA 92127
858.674.4864 – Corporate
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Company Profile

Service Strategies advances service excellence by providing industry standards, certification, training and consulting services that ensure delivery of consistent, high-quality service and support. Service Strategies applies a proven benchmark process to its programs that measures and drives effectiveness for continuous service improvement. We specialize in improving customer support, eservice, field service and professional service operations.

The world's leading service and support providers use Service Strategies' Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards as a roadmap for service excellence and a qualitative and quantitative measure of success. In addition, our career development programs have improved the skills and capabilities of service professionals worldwide, while our strategic advisory and consulting services are helping industry leading service organizations optimize business operations and achieve substantial performance gains.

To learn more about Service Strategies' industry leading solutions and what they can do for your business, Contact us or call at 858.674.4864 or toll free in North America 800.552.3058.

Product/Service Information

The Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards
The Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards establish the global benchmark for service excellence. Developed by Service Strategies, in cooperation with approximately 50 leading service and support organizations from around the world, the SCP Standards have enhanced the capabilities and performance of service operations worldwide since 1998. The internationally recognized standards define best practices for delivering world-class service and support, quantify performance levels, and establish a foundation to build on existing quality processes.

Career Development and Training Programs
Service Strategies provides a host of career development, training and certification programs for service and support professionals at the individual contributor and management levels. Our course content and instructor expertise sets our programs apart from anything else in the industry. We will help you gain measurable results through our collaborative process of setting expectations, measuring performance and reinforcing behaviors. In addition, our programs will prepare you for the globally accepted SCP Career Certification credential.

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